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Nine Dragons

YoYoFactory 特別項目,嶄新概念,把搖搖玩法重新定義!


2023 最新版本現已發售



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HK$ 569.00

Data sheet

Weight 82g
Diameter 58.9mm
Width 49mm
Gap Width 3.7mm
Bearing CBC Large Spec X Bearing
Response CBC Large Slim Pads
Material Aluminum Body w/ POM Plastic Cap

More info

We are so happy to share with you the completion of the original innovative series 'Project Red Alert' by YoYoFactory. The original 9th design was so converted it was never released.... This yoyo takes the original design one step further, enhanced by the technology of Kuyos and his company YoYoFormula. The triple bearing design offers a new dimension. On the throw you will hear the dragon RAW and traditional tricks are not only possible but enhanced by the reduced friction of the 'Dragon caps'. Take it off axis and this feature is highlighted even more.

For instructions and frequently asked questions on the NINE Dragons, please visit our website here: