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REPLAY 是為世界冠軍Gentry Stein 而設計,是一款高性能而適合大眾的搖搖

- 不銹鋼軸承
- 矽膠反應片

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HK$ 119.90

Data sheet

Weight 68.6g
Diameter 58.2mm
Width 42.2mm
Gap Width 2.3mm
Bearing CBC Large Half Spec Bearing
Response CBC Large Thick Pads
Material PC Plastic

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Designed for World Yo-Yo Champion Gentry Stein, the Replay is a performance yoyo that anyone can use! Utilizing a modern shape combined with an easy to use responsive set-up, the Replay makes learning tricks easy, offers incredibly long spin times, and requires very little maintenance. When you are ready to take your skills to the next level, grab a Modern Performance Upgrade Kit and make the Replay competition ready!