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LOOP 1080

2016 世界冠軍 SHU TAKADA 專用搖搖

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HK$ 149.90 -HK$ 50.00 HK$ 199.90
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Data sheet

Weight 52g
Diameter 56.6mm
Width Adjustable Gap 32.5mm - 33.5mm
Gap Width Adjustable Gap 1.5mm - 1.9mm
Bearing CBC Small Spec Bearing
Response Starburst
Material PC Plastic

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Designed for world yo-yo champion Shu Takada, the Loop1080 offers competition-proven performance! The Loop1080 uses a patent pending YoYoFactory technology that allows you to dial in the level of performance you want out of the yo-yo using a key mechanism. There is no complicated maintenance, no modifications required, simply adjust the mechanism to fit your style and you are ready to play!