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SHU is killing it.
13 million more people saw him on 9gag (5.9 million watched nba finals). His signature LOOP720 is an undeniable HIT and we have finally given him the string trick yo-yo to showcase his talents. Meet SUGAR designed in conjunction with SUS mechanics.

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HK$ 369.00

Data sheet

Weight 66g
Diameter 58mm
Width 45.5mm
Gap Width 4.32mm
Bearing CBC Large Center Trac Bearing
Response CBC Large Slim Pads
Material Aluminum

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SHU TAKADA blurs the known, the routine, the possible. He is a 6x World champion who doesn't play by the rules. His yo-yos are an extension of his personalities and in SUGAR you get this mix of Yoyofactory style and history with a new look and feel.