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Congratulations!! YoYoFactory Contest Team SHU TAKADA has made it again, back-to-back World Champion!! Absolutely stunning performance with perfect dance beat, appealing somersault and impeccable yo-yo skills!

Gentry Stein certainly has his freestyle, not only freestyle on yo-yo play, the music is pretty freestyle too! lol

Congratulations to YoYoFactory Players Paolo Bueno & Aristidis Voultsios who took top two spots in the Spain National contest! Let's check out their outstanding performance here.
Oct 26,2016

New awesome trick from Shu!
Oct 21,2016

Shu Takada won the Throwdown battle!!
Oct 10,2016

YoyoFactory Contest Team will be participating the THROWDOWN Contest in Tokyo this week, please visit this website for details:http/throwdown.jp/english/
Oct 6,2016

YoyoFactory Contest Team has won 2 major titles in 2016, USA National 1A and World YoYo Contest 2A. We have watched Gentry's performance a while ago, now checking out the stunning performance from Shu Takada! Ended with a somersault is very Shu's style!

Oct 4, 2016

Congratulations Gentry!

He has done it again!

Sep 20,2016

YoYoFactory Contest Team member Gentry Stein has won back to back National titles by claiming 1st place in the 2016 USA National YoYo Contest. The event was held at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts center in Los Angeles, CA over the weekend. Using his signature Shutter yoyo, Gentry showcased an incredible 3 minute routine, which can be seen below! 

Please feel free to share this video around as promotional content for Gentry’s signature Shutter yoyo and Replay yoyo.

Ben Conde / Beyond Slow Motion

Aug 12,2016

One of the best yoyo videos you will see. Ben Plays the YoYoFactory FLIGHT